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Photography Skill

June 7, 2010 by Kim

Hey everyone, in our ongoing quest to make Red Rock the best camp it can possibly be, we have decided to start a new skill.  Many of the skills we do at Red Rock are such a part of the camp that it would be hard to picture Red Rock without them. Water Sports, Wall Climbing, and Archery are just some. We think that a photography skill would be an amazing addition to our current fleet of activities.  If you have ever been out here, you know how beautiful Red Rock Lake is.  What better location than Red Rock to spend time learning how to capture the incredibly elegant work that God has done on camera? So we now have some Fujifilm Finepix s1600 digital cameras for taking pictures and some aspire one netbooks for photo editing.  The idea is for campers to gain a basic understanding of how to take quality pictures, and also learn how to use computer software to sort, edit, and manipulate photos.  All software used will be free and downloadable off the internet so campers can go home and use the same programs they used at camp on their home computers. So what are your thoughts?  Do you like this idea?  What would you like to see in a photography Skill?  Leave a comment below. All pictures were taken with the same cameras that will be used in the actual skill.

4 Responses to “Photography Skill”

  1. Matt says:

    I’m curious to know what software will be used, and which operating system.

    • redrockcamp says:

      We plan to teach them how to use picasa and paint.net. We will also have the GIMP on if they want to use that during the skill as well. The computers already had windows 7 starter on them so we went with that for an OS.

      Do you have thoughts about any other programs?

  2. sadie says:

    how many computers & cameras do you have? and where is the skill editing portion of the skill going to be?

    • redrockcamp says:

      Right now we have 4 sets of cameras and computers, but we hope to expand on that in the future. Editing will likely be done either in the chapel or in Pine Lodge at a table downstairs.

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