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Pursuit: a discipleship program

November 11, 2010 by Kim

Pursuit is Red Rock Bible Camp’s exciting new 8-month discipleship program, starting September 2011. Starting this coming January, we will be accepting applications for the limited number of slots that are available. Some of you may not know much about Pursuit, so if you are interested, you can find the Pursuit website here.

In order for this program to be successful, you can help!

1. Consider the program for yourself – Are you 18-25 and interested in learning what it means to be a disciple of Christ and grow deeper in your faith? Do you desire to learn more about who God is and what His plan is for your life? Check out the website and consider applying!

2. Help spread the word – If you’re reading this you most likely have some interest in the ministry of Red Rock Bible Camp. You can help our ministry by letting people know about this exciting new program. Tell your friends, your relatives, even your enemies.

3. Pray for the planning and preparation – Pray for applicants. Pray for us as we plan and prepare. Pray for life change in the students.

4. Financial assistance – If you have a special place in your heart for this new ministry opportunity, consider donating to help with our start-up costs.

It is exciting to think about how God will change lives through Pursuit. Join in and play a part!

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