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Red Rock Cyclathon 41

March 25, 2010 by Kim

What an amazing way to help support Red Rock and send kids to camp. The money raised at this event helps subsidize our summer camp program and provide camperships for children who otherwise would not be able to attend. That should be enough incentive to get involved. But there is more!

Get some exercise

Spend time with friends

Enjoy great food

Earn Cyclathon awards (nearly $10,000 worth will be given out)

Win door prizes (Some cyclists have won a plane ticket)

Cyclathon T-shirt

Enjoy an over nighter at Red Rock (optional)

Hot tubs!

Swimming, canoeing, boat rides, volleyball and lots more recreational stuff

For those staying for SundaY

Worship Service


Recreational opportunities

Transportation Home

To see pictures from last year, register and get more information, go to


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