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Refuel Retreat Highlights

October 21, 2011 by Kim


 This weekend at RRBC, we held our first ever Refuel Retreat! In summers past, we’ve put a lot of effort into following up with campers that come to Red Rock each summer. And this year, we decided to put on a weekend retreat here at camp for last summer’s Junior High and Teens campers. The goal was for campers to have a great time reuniting with fellow campers and their counsellors, as well as “Refuelling” in their relationship with God. Unfortunately, the weekend is now over, but the event was most definitely a success!


The campers arrived on the bus on Friday evening, and stayed until after lunch on Sunday. Despite the chilly weather, the weekend was tons of fun for both the campers and the group of summer staffers that made the trip during mid-term season to help out. The campers got to participate in some familiar skills from the summer like archery, canoeing, and mountain biking, but unlike the summertime, wakeboarding wasn’t an option. They were also led by Youth Ministry students from Steinbach Bible College in a camp wide game of Communists and Christians.


We were also very fortunate to have Heather Boersma come out to be the camp speaker for the weekend. Heather led a few chapel sessions throughout the weekend, and focused on the theme of refuelling our relationships with God. On the subject, she shared that God doesn’t just change our lives, but he can change our day as well. But for that to happen, each day needs to include daily refuelling through spending time with God and His word.


The campers ended off the Refuel Retreat with a retreat of silence, where they spent an hour silently spending time with God, and hearing what He had to say through Scripture.




The campers, and the staff, had a great weekend at RRBC’s Refuel Retreat, and our hope is that they were also refuelled in their relationship with God. Please continue to pray for the spiritual growth of these campers as they go out to their different situations in life to shine God’s light to those around them, and for the amazing group of staff that keeps this ministry going! 


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