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Refuel Riots

November 6, 2012 by Kim

As the temperatures begin to drop and the snow begins to fall, we fondly look back at the summertime, and all the good times that were had. This summer at Red Rock Bible Camp, plenty of fun was had, and many lives were changed as RRBC was the home to almost 800 campers this summer.

Despite the summer being over, we still love to connect with the campers who come through our facilities, and we had a couple awesome opportunities to do so in the past two weekends as we held our two Refuel Riots in Winnipeg and Steinbach.

The Refuel Riots were an awesome time for some of our staff to connect once again with some campers, and each outing was a great success. We may not have had a lot of numbers, but we certainly had a blast as both the kids and the staff left the buildings with smiles on their faces, and a lot of joy about what will come again next summer.

We only had two hours together, but we were able to fit a lot in as we got to play a lot of fun games, almost all of which included balloons. Some included hoola-hoops. All included laughs.

We also were able to witness Kristen, one of our summer staffers, have literally the best time in her life popping a balloon on her chair. This is the purest look of joy I’ve ever seen in my life. It really was just as much about the staff as it was about the kids apparently.

The Refuel Riots were also an opportunity for the campers to stay connected in their relationship with God, as we called in Cam, Myra, and their son Connor in to give a devotional.

Cam told a story of a lumberjack competition between a lumberjack who worked all day and night without any breaks, and another lumberjack who seemed to have been stopping every once in a while – seemingly chopping down less trees. In the end, the one who looked like he was taking breaks actually cut down the most trees, because it turns out he was sharpening his axe when he was taking those breaks, where the other lumberjack just kept cutting with the dull axe.

Cam compared the lumberjack sharpening his axe to Christians doing things like praying, and spending time in Scripture to stay connected to God. You can say you’re a good Christian, but if you don’t do anything to stay sharp, you will not be as effective in following Jesus and spreading His love to others. It was a great reminder that we all needed to hear, and it was done in a very engaging and entertaining way.

And of course it wouldn’t be a camp event if we didn’t get some camp cookies at the end to remind us of those classic snack times every night after chapel. The memories were flying, and the stomachs were rumbling as the Refuel Riot winded down and the parents started arriving to pick up their kids.

A big thanks to everyone who came to the events, and for all the staff who came and helped out. It was so great to see campers again, and it’s going to be even better to see them again next summer!

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