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Returning Staff List

March 28, 2011 by Kim

Here is the latest list of staff veterans who have applied to be on Summer Staff 2011. Daniel Rempel, Matthew Brunette, and Darcie-Anne Bailey. I have also heard that Stefan, Joey Traa, Kate Dirks, Ben Plett and Marybeth’s applications are in progress or on the way. I believe Kara told me she was applying too.

So add them to the following list: Karly Falk, David Wiebe, Emilie Jackson, Nikyla Toews, Kayla Kostyniuk, Jillian Dueck, Morgan Braun, Alison Pauls, Adam Friesen, Carli Penner, Mark Unger, Jayelle Friesen, Cullen Klassen, Markus Goertzen, Esther Reimer, Devyn Toews, and Jack Harrison.

We are still looking for a boat person for all, or part of the summer. We need a videographer, a Bike person and we do have some space particularly for senior counselors and some maintenance staff. Soo, what are you doing this summer?


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