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The Tournament: Round One, Part One

January 22, 2013 by Kim

You’ve heard rumours, but until now it was only a fantasy that you’d one day be able to find out what the consensus BEST THING AT RRBC is. But here’s some good news for you people: The Tournament starts TODAY on the RRBC Facebook page!

This week we will be beginning the first round of the highly intense and heavily scientific tournament bracket by starting off with the first three matchups of what I’ve decided right now will be called Pool A. In order for you to truly understand what you’ll be voting for, let’s take a look at this week’s matchups:

(1) Homemade Jam (16) Rock Hopping

Coming into the tournament, it was clear that there were a couple of teams that really separated the contenders from the pretenders. Make no mistake about it: No team in this tournament is riding a larger wave of momentum than Homemade Jam. From the very get go in the qualification round it was clear that Homemade Jam was an overwhelming favourite. Critics scraped the bottom of the barrel trying to find some dirt on “The Jam,” but were out of luck when it became clear that Homemade Jam was simply a well-oiled machine. Nevertheless, they say that once you make it into The Tournament, it’s truly anyone’s game – and Rock Hopping is here hoping to prove just that.

Rock Hopping certainly comes into The Tournament with a great deal of experience, as Crevice Point has been around for thousands of years, and before the kids were jumping off with life jackets, ancient bears were hopping off to snatch up a fish they saw in the water. Different species, same amount of fun, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned from tournaments like these, it’s that you cannot underestimate the experience factor.

(8) Kayaking (9) Broomball

We live in a society where we only care about the question: What have you done for me lately? Some of you have played a Broomball game in the last month, but I ask you ladies and gentleman – how on earth can you kayak in the middle of winter? Broomball is as fresh on our minds as the snow falling down from the sky, and you’ve got to wonder if if the recent success Broomball has faced in the last two months can pull them ahead from Kayaking who has been nowhere to be seen since September. That being said, we often see nostalgia rear it’s head in these tournaments and really give a team the push they need to move on to the next round, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what we saw this week between these two contrasting teams. But of course, only time will tell.

(5) Big Brother Big Sister (12) Night Game

Perhaps the biggest story of the qualifying round was the fall from grace that was the Night Game. The pre-season rankings had Night Game projected as a five or six seed, but for reasons unknown its stock has certainly plummeted since then. The Night Game has been a staple for RRBC veterans of Teens or Junior High camp, with many people bringing in their own gear to blend in with the surroundings at night. It is perhaps that same stealthiness that has allowed Night Game to disappear from the spotlight, and find itself where it is today.

As for Big Brother Big Sister, they say repetition is the key to learning, and unlike most of this year’s contenders, Big BroSis takes place on all five days of every summer camp. This repetition can mean one of two things: either Big BroSis knows the game so well it can when in it’s sleep, or they are simply too gased at this point of the competition. I predict this will be a close matchup.


Once again, all voting will take place on our Facebook page, where there will be voting on one matchup every day, with voting deadlines being noted on a game by game basis. Vote wisely, as every vote counts, and the results of The Tournament can change the course of Red Rock Bible Camp….forever.

One Response to “The Tournament: Round One, Part One”

  1. Bennett says:

    Homemade Jam, Night Game and Broom ball all win out for me

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