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The Tournament: Round One, Part Three

February 6, 2013 by Kim

Unprecedented. That’s really the only word that accurately describes how incredible the first round of The Tournament has been so far. Kangaroo Court, Cinnamon Buns, and Chapel deserve a huge congratulations as they will be moving on to the next round. As for the others…well, they gave it their best shot, but victory will not be theirs.

But that was last week, and this is this week, and we have a new batch of incredible matchups for you guys in this week’s edition of The Tournament. Just another reminder, voting takes place on our Facebook page. You guys have done an awesome job in voting over the last two weeks, and nothing warms my heart more than knowing that the champion of The Tournament will be rightfully crowned due to your high volume of votes. It almost brings a collective tear to the eye of all of Red Rock Bible Camp. Truly inspiring.

Moving on…here’s what we got for you this week:

(7) Tube Slide vs (10) Beach Volleyball

Underdog Alert! For whatever reason, Red Rock Bible Camp has been an absolutely breeding ground for volleyball players. Not just the staff, but the campers as well seem to be incredibly talented in a high volume. This is great because f you’re not into going into the water for Swim, Boat, and Tuck, you can treat yourself to an incredible display of volleyball expertise put on by our lovely RRBC family. That being said, there seems to be a significant group of volleyball haters in The Tournament committee, as the wildly popular activity fell down to the tenth seed in the pre-tournament rankings.

As possible as an upset seems in this situation, Beach Volleyball will certainly not have an easy road to round two as they face off against the one season wonder: the Tube Slide. When the weather is just right, and the tube slide is all smooth and slicked up, there might not be a better thrill than piling up onto a tube with your friends and speeding down onto the lake.

Both of these activities are certainly not for everyone, which is why this marquee matchup will certainly come down to simply who is voting. You can’t even dream up matchups like this one. I’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it.


(2) Mocha Freeze vs (15) Firesides

First of all, yes, I know this is not the REAL mocha freeze. I didn’t have a picture. I almost cancelled The Tournament because of it. I can’t sleep at night. Please, can we get past this? Thanks guys.

Back to the matchup at hand…now THIS is what The Tournament is all about. Yes, there are few things better than your first bite out of a mocha freeze on a hot summers day. BUT, there are also few things more peaceful and spiritually refreshing than a fireside on the lake with the sun setting and the water resting in a glass-like state. We all have our memories of both, and I don’t think any more needs to be said. What we do know is…a true contender will be going down after this matchup is said and done.

(1) Camp Pizza vs (16) Tuck

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the other first seed in The Tournament is Camp Pizza. As much as everyone in the world likes pizza, there is something about camp pizza that causes pure celebration. Listen, tuck is great. Midway through the afternoon, we’re all tired, we’re all slowing down, and there are few better pick-me-ups than Fun Dip and a Pepsi. But that’s only going to tide us over for a couple hours. Camp pizza tides us over for a lifetime. Good luck, Tuck.

One Response to “The Tournament: Round One, Part Three”

  1. Jack says:

    Ah, Joey, I have pictures of mocha freeze….

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