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Spark: Half way done?

August 9, 2012 by Kim

Day two of Spark camp has already come and gone, and because of the long weekend that means the week is already half over. This summer feels like it has gone by in a flash, and this week is certainly no exception. But we’re not going to focus on the end of the journey as there is still plenty of camp to go for these kids.

Tuesday started off as it always does here at Red Rock Bible Camp – with good food. Josh and the kitchen crew made us all some blueberry pancakes with sausages and hash browns to help satisfy our hunger. From there, the campers broke off into their Big Brother, Big Sister groups to do some Morning Watch for the first time. During this time, campers learn how to use their Bible better, as the staff guide them through different passages that are related to our theme of “Truth”. We also always go outside for Morning Watch, so the kids not only experience God through His word, but through creation as well.

From there, we give the campers more opportunity for spiritual growth, as the cabin gets together to participate in some team building in Discovery. Cabin unity is a big aspect of these activities, but in every game we play we draw parallels to our spiritual walk, and it’s a great way for the campers to get a visual of some of God’s truths.

The next activity of the day was skill one, where the kids broke off into their skill groups to enjoy our many awesome activities here at camp. It was a beautiful day with a nice and calm lake, which meant the water skiers were very happy. The girl in this picture is using what’s called a “boom”, which helps the campers get the feel of what it’s like to ski when they are just starting out. They must be having a good time, look how happy our boatman Stefan is!

The skiers weren’t the only ones in the water, as the fishing skill took the boats out to test their luck in the middle of the lake. Not sure how they did, but every time I see a fishing picture I desire the beautiful relaxation that comes along with it.

After lunch, the kids participated in some more skills as they have three every day. The kayakers looked excited to really hit the water for the first time and do some exploring around the lake.

However not all the skills were on the water, as we also had quite a bit of activity over at the climbing wall. A lot of these kids end up realizing they have a fear of heights, but it’s amazing to see them all overcome it at some point. In fact, some of these kids realize that they’re incredible climbers.

The kids didn’t just work on their skills all day, as we also took a break in the middle of the afternoon for Swim, Boat, and Tuck. The swim and boat part is pretty self explanatory, but for those of you who don’t know, tuck is candy! So not only do the kids get to refresh in our beautiful lake, but they also get to refresh with a bottle of Coke and a chocolate bar. Needless to say, it’s one of the kids favorite parts of the day.

We have a lot of great candy here, but for whatever reason, Caramel Apple Pops are the overwhelming favorite every single week. I think the legend of it is more appealing than the actual candy, but people seem to enjoy them.

The rest of the afternoon was awesome, as it always is when we have great weather, and eventually all of the campers were ready to sit down for a while to eat supper. It was their lucky day, because it was pizza day! The kitchen does a fantastic job of making some of my favorite pizza in the world, and I think all of the kids would agree with me.

After supper it was Special Program, where half of the camp split off into their cabin groups for Cabin Choice, and the other half met up at the Chapel for the always exciting Minute to Win it. It was boys against girls in yesterday’s matchup, and the game was tight to the very end. It seemed like every time the boys won an activity, the girls would come in and take it right back.

The final game was called “Face the Cookie” where campers had to get a cookie from their forehead, all the way into their mouth by only using their face. This is one of the campers favorites, because not only do you get to eat a cookie, but the people trying to it eat end up looking hilarious.

When it was all said and done, the game was tied. However, in a unprecedented turn of events, the tiebreaker was counsellor vs counsellor in “Face the Cookie” where Sadie won the whole thing for the girls, as Tyler was left wondering what could have been.

It was another awesome day of camp, and it was finished off with another great Chapel service from Chris and the worship team. The kids are really starting to open up to their counsellors and talk about God with them, so please pray that this can continue, and that campers will have a desire to grow in their relationship with God. We’ll talk to you again tomorrow!

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