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Spark- It’s Wednesday!

August 14, 2013 by Kim Coursey

Check out these snapshots of the beautiful day we had today!

DSC_9075 (Medium)

DSC_9214 (Medium)

DSC_9088 (Medium)

  Based off of these photos, would you say that the kids are having a good time? I would say so. The counselors did a good job coming up with ideas for Cabin surprise during Special Program yesterday and today. In the staff morning meeting, the counselors get a chance to share how their cabin is doing and what they need prayer for. This morning, Allan specifically asked the counselors not to share about how their cabins all have great bonding and unity going on, simply because yesterday morning that is what almost every counselor had shared! This is great news, but we are hoping for more than just the making of friends and memories. 

DSC_9248 (Medium)

In chapel the last song we sang was Give me faith by Elevation Worship (a link to the song is posted below). It tied in really well with what Loren spoke about. He shared the part of Daniel’s story where the king demanded someone interpret his dreams. When Daniel heard that all the kings advisers lives were on the line (including his own and his three friends) he acted out in faith that God would speak, and went to the king to reveal the meaning of the dream. That has guts. That takes faith, and that is what we are hoping for. We hope and pray the campers will make a faith based choice to follow and walk with Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

DSC_9251 (Medium)

We are finding that more staff are getting sick, but we are not discouraged. When the opposition has to resort to minor head colds in hopes of getting us to stumble or stop, we know that we are a threat and that God is doing his work through us. It would be sweet if suddenly everyone was healed, and I know that some are praying for that. However, our goal and staff covenant is to glorify God, so whatever he chooses to do, we will continue to honor and praise him.

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