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Spark- Monday and Tuesday

August 13, 2013 by Kim Coursey

Welcome Spark campers! Nolan has dreams of playing bump with you.

DSC_8133 (Medium)

This summer has flown by and the staff are starting to clue in that there is only two weeks left of camp, and so they are starting to make more memories. Last night the sky was pristine and it was a perfect night to see the meteor shower. Don’t worry, none of the counselor’s left their cabins and campers!

DSC_8557 (Medium)

The support staff have an easy week this week because the CIT’s have arrived. There is so many of them that we don’t get to be in the cabins at all for BBS or Morning watch. In fact, the support staff will have to make an extra effort this week to get to know the campers if they are not teaching a skill.

DSC_8652 (Medium)

Morning watch this morning looked a little different than the usual clusters of campers and counselor. Because the CIT’s are here, most of the Spark campers get to have a one on one with a CIT or a counselor, which is sweet because bonding will happen and God will use that to really change lives this week. I am sure He is not just thinking of the Spark campers, but also of our CIT’s and staff.

DSC_8676 (Medium)

Lorne Meisner is the speaker for this week, and he captivated the attentions of campers, staff and CIT’s alike while he acted out Daniel’s story from the Bible. It was extremely hard to take notes to the point that I gave up just because he was so interesting. The thing is, Lorne hardly added any interpretation to what he was teaching. He taught straight from the Bible, just as if it was his own story. It was something that anyone would have been interested to hear and see.

DSC_8544 (Medium)

I think that God has something planned for this week that we are not expecting. Be in prayer for the protection of the campers spiritual lives from any harm the opposition has planned for us. Also please pray against the sickness that is being shared by the support staff right now. We would really like to have the energy to finish off the summer strong and to serve with everything we could possibly serve with. Thanks for your continued support!

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