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Spark- What happened Thursday, and what is happening today (Friday)

August 16, 2013 by Kim Coursey

Have you ever wondered- what happened on Thursday? Well that’s great cause you can read about it here! Thursday was an interesting day because it was cabin day, meaning the CIT’s follow their BBS friends around all day and replace the counselors while the CIT’s counselors take off for the day. This meant that the support staff and a few counselors were the eyes and ears for the CITC’s. The CIT’s really stepped up and a lot of them made extra efforts. One story that was shared was a CIT’s little brother didn’t pass the swim test so he had to wear a life jacket while swimming. The CIT promptly went and got himself a life jacket so that his little brother wouldn’t be embarrassed. These are the kind of CIT’s we are looking for to join us on staff. Hopefully cabin day didn’t turn off any CIT’s to coming back next year!

DSC_9756 (Medium)

Things seem to be going well in the cabins, there has been four dedications and one was at the very beginning of the week! God is speaking and nudging these kids in ways that we couldn’t possibly. It is really an exciting thing to see.  There are a few that seem to have stubborn hearts, from what I hear. It is frustrating the counselors a little bit, but nothing can stop us from praying. This is why we are here.

DSC_9142 (Medium)

The last time I wrote, I quickly wrote about the health of the staff on the Facebook page. The staff are still getting sick, but some are starting to return to health. A really incredible thing happened with one of our staff that was in the hospital. He had Pneumonia, and came back the same night to sleep in camp’s infirmary. There was talk of him going home, because he really couldn’t help in any area of camp once morning came. So once everyone went to bed, a couple of the staff stayed up to pray. One staff member prayed for him to just cough it out. The next thing heard was the sound of this staff coughing his lungs out and praising Jesus! In the morning he said he had coughed out all the mucous in his lungs and his only symptoms were a minor head cold- which is what the rest of the staff has. He was able to stay on because his health improved so much overnight! That is the newest update on the staff.

DSC_9902 (Medium)

Today is the last full day, and it has already started off to be a good one. The campers were royally treated to a hot breakfast in bed, and when that was over they scattered themselves over the rocks to learn more about their King in Morning watch with their Brothers and Sisters. Because today is the last full day, skill trainers are coming up with ways to make the last skill the best skill. Climbing skill hid caramel apple pops all over the climbing wall to train the campers to be excellent hunters while scaling tall cliffs, and skiing trainers decided to go tubing to teach balance, commitment and perseverance. No matter how hard the trainers tried to shake off the campers, they had iron wills and grip, and most could not be shaken.

DSC_9930 (Medium)

Tonight, we feast! Imagine no utensils, large amounts of messy food, medieval music, laughter and of course, entertainment! From what I hear, our entertainment could quite possibly be a sword duel between the infamous Halvor, son of the Nurse, and Mitchell, son of a Camp Speaker! After these events, we shall celebrate the closing of the week with a magnificent fire, where all the campers, staff and knights alike will gather around to unite their voices in song! It will also be a great opportunity for the brave to share memories and commitments to loyally follow their King- the One and only true God.

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