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Summer Scorcher- Tuesday

July 23, 2013 by Kim Coursey

As the first day for sports tournaments, staff and campers were excited for playing in scheduled games of beach volleyball and basketball.

 DSC_0227 (Medium) DSC_0126 (Medium)

Skill one fishing seems to be the luckiest fishing group all summer; they caught three fish today, and two yesterday! That tops every other week where there were no catches at all. The campers must be pro fishers! Skill two Drama and Wilderness had a dress up session with costumes today to amplify the fun they were already going to have.

  DSC_0130 (Medium) DSC_0150 (Medium)

Campers made their own fun in SUP/skim boarding skill by attempting their own stunts. The goal was to all switch SUP boards, but that didn’t turn out so well….

 DSC_3524 (Medium)

Generally all the skills had fun today.

 DSC_0020 (Medium)

Our biggest event today, a Beach Party! Think food, crumping, limbo line, photo booth and dunk competition and you have everything that goes into the Beach Party!

DSC_0412 (Medium) DSC_3876 (Medium) DSC_3815 (Medium)

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