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Summer Scorcher- Wednesday

July 24, 2013 by Kim Coursey

Chapel started us off today as the first event in the morning after breakfast. Today and tomorrow chapel will be in the morning because of events that are going to be in the evening. Tonight we have a concert with Sean Quigley opening for The Color! Tomorrow’s event will be announced tomorrow of course. Back to chapel- Kent said that as he was coming up God was speaking to him about the very topic he was going to share about. It was cool to see that Kent is open with his relationship with Jesus even in public on stage.

DSC_0233 (Medium)

Kent spoke about putting faith in Jesus. His question to the campers was “Who is on the throne of your life?” We are all hardwired to take care of ourselves, but Jesus asks us to give up everything and follow him. Kent looked at the passage in Matthew where it talks about the man who asked what it would take to get into heaven. It was really hard for this man to give everything he had up because he was rich. So instead of following Jesus, the man walked away sad. Kent gave all the campers a chance to post a “white flag” on his board at the end of chapel and challenged them again to tell someone what exactly they were surrendering.

 DSC_0244 (Medium)

As the day continued the sky became filled with clouds, and it started to rain during Swim Boat Tuck while the Sports Tournaments were going on.

 DSC_0295 (Medium)DSC_0270 (Medium)

Skill one and three were luckier and were able to stay dry- at least if they wanted to.

   DSC_4284 (Medium) DSC_4138 (Medium)

DSC_4181 (Medium) 

We really desire for these youth to have love for Jesus so ingrained in their hearts that they will be like the seeds that fell on good soil even after camp, so be in prayer that God will use these times to speak to the campers and guard them from the summer camp high. BBS and the concert is still to come!

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