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Summer Sizzler- Monday

July 29, 2013 by Kim Coursey

As most of you know, the campers arrived today! Well you probably all know, because most of you reading this have kids at camp right now. Anyways, The campers arrived and quickly started bonding with their cabins.

Cottonwood Cove (Medium)

Skill today was everyone’s first time doing what they chose for the week as a Sizzler camper. Some of them may have done their skill in a different year, which is why some of them look like pros already. Take Skim boarding for example.

DSC_0849 (Medium)

Adrian Enns is the speaker this week. He had the campers sit on the floor so they could do an interactive get to know each other game. Once that was done, Adrian talked about the passage Matthew 18:1-5 where Jesus calls a little child to him and explains to the crowd that to even get into the kingdom, we have to become meek like the child.

DSC_5130 (Medium) DSC_5141 (Medium)

Adrian explained that meek meant not being proud or arrogant, and went on to say that we need to serve others (Galatians 5:13-14). Adrian also showed clips from the movie Narnia. One was of the end of a battle and Aslan is restoring the Narnia’s from stone to life again. Lucy (a queen) immediately follows Aslans example and starts serving others by bringing them back to life with her special healing elixir. Adrian closed by encouraging the campers saying that if we just start serving others, it is going to rub off.

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