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Summer Sizzler- Tuesday

July 30, 2013 by Kim Coursey

Chapel tonight was- interesting. That’s a good word for it, right?

As a starter to introducing the worth and value of the kingdom, Adrian played a game with four randomly picked campers that was similar to the commercial “What would you do for a Klondike bar”. He called it “What’s it worth?” and had the campers do things like air guitar, interpretive dancing and acting like Tarzan. The point was to out do the other campers in order to win the prize at the end. The rest of chapel was based off of Matthew 13:44-46.

DSC_0891 (Medium)

Earlier in the day the events consisted of:

Morning Watch,

DSC_0787 (Medium)


DSC_0757 (Medium)


 DSC_0819 (Medium)

Swim Boat Tuck (which included the sports tournaments),

DSC_0893 (Medium)

and Big Brother Big Sister (BBS for short).

DSC_5211 (Medium)

The night game is still to come!

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