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Summer Sizzler- Wednesday

July 31, 2013 by Kim Coursey

As the first hot day in a while, it would be suiting that the campers would want to spend their time in the water. Surprisingly the water was cold, but that didn’t stop anyone. Canoeing skill still wanted to tip their canoes, and campers still wanted to swim for BBS.

DSC_5343 (Medium) DSC_5455 (Medium)

In chapel Adrian spoke about the parable of the seed.Some people want to call it the parable of the soil because the soil is the only thing that is different in the whole parable. The farmer that scatters the seed is Jesus, and the seed is the Word of God. However, as Adrian explained, Jesus still sows seed everywhere, even if the soil is not the good stuff. He takes us where we are at. As an example, Adrian talked about the trees that grow on the rocks here. They really are incredible in the fact that their roots find the tiniest crack and dig deep for life. He encouraged the campers by saying that our soil can soften.

Check out a clip that Adrian used:

Please pray that spiritual warfare won’t be a wall blocking the counselors and Jesus doing a work in the campers lives.

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