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Summer Staff and Campers 2010

April 1, 2010 by Kim

Summer Camp is filling up quickly. We are at 90% capacity. Most of the room we have left is for Junior One and Intermediate. There are a few other spots available. Campers can register online at www.redrockbiblecamp.com

Our Summer Staff 2010 is starting to come together. The following is a list of those who have been accepted so far. The positions listed are only partial, as most staff members will be serving in a combination of positions.

Stefan Dirks – CounsellorKitchen and Maintenance

Steve Schapansky – Bike Man

Matt Klippenstein – CounsellorPhotographer

Justin Wiebe – CounsellorMaintenance and Kitchen

Jessica Dyck – Maintenance and Kitchen

Darcie-Anne Baily – Junior Counsellor and Kitchen

Jillian Dueck – Junior CounsellorKitchen and Maintenance

Karly Falk – Junior CounsellorKitchen and Maintenance

Kaily Friesen – Junior CounsellorKitchen and Maintenance

Cullen Klassen – Junior CounsellorMaintenance

Jonathan Neudorf – Junior CounsellorKitchen

Megan Funk – Junior CounsellorKitchen and Maintenance

Matthew Brunette – Junior CounsellorKitchen

Jen Unruh – CounsellorKitchen Helper

Katie Daman – Junior Counselor

Kara Froese – Spring StaffCounsellor

Dave Newsom – Spring Staff and just about everything else!

Madison Stott – CounsellorKitchen Helper

Brendon Giesbrecht – Spring StaffCounsellor

Jillian Dueck – Junior CounsellorKitchen Helper

Iain Friesen – Junior CounsellorMaintenance

Ben Plett – Counsellor

Marybeth Rempel – Counsellor

Jenelle Reimer – Kitchen Helper

Erik Wiebe – Counselor and Support Staff

Holly Goossen – Counsellor

Meaghan Giesbrecht – Counsellor

Steve Schapansky – Bike Man

Joel Coursey – Program Assistant

Scott Newsom – Junior Counsellor

Kerry Friesen – Junior Counsellor

Daniel Rempel – Junior CounsellorKitchen

Curtis Wiens – Junior CounsellorKitchen

Kayla Kostyniuk – Junior CounsellorKitchen

Morgan Braun – Junior Counsellor

D.J. Reimer – Junior CounsellorKitchen

Rachel Regier – Junior CounsellorKitchen

Adam Friesen – Junior CounsellorMaintenance

Emilie Jackson – Junior CounsellorKitchen

Jayelle Friesen – Junior CounsellorKitchen

Noah Derksen – Junior CounsellorMaintenance

Nikyla Toews – Junior CounsellorMaintenance

Natalie Hamm – Junior CounsellorKitchen

Kristen Froese – Junior CounsellorKitchen

Carli Penner – Kitchen Staff

Allison Pauls – Counsellor

Jessica Isaak – Counsellor

Kelly Bye – Assistant Cook

Vanessa Driedger – Integration Coordinator

Victoria de Haan-Ward – Female Head Counsellor and Spring Staff

Janna Dirks – Counsellor

Sarah Froese – Counsellor

Courtney Mackelson – Counsellor

Lori DeVos – Counsellor

Heidi Martens – Spring Staff and Counsellor

Kieran Hamm – Spring Staff and Maintenance Crew Leader

Devyn Toewes – Counsellor

Steve Moerman – Boat Man

Zach Derksen – Male Head Counsellor

Jack Harrison – Waterfront Director

Markus Goertzen – Spring Staff and Counsellor

Joey Traa – Spring Staff and Counsellor

Cam Friesen – Spring Staff

Mark Unger – Counsellor and Lifeguard

Dave Wiebe – Lifeguard

Tyler Derksen – Counsellor

Mike Froese – Spring Staff Videographer

I have another fifteen returning staff, one CIT and two new staff applications. I will try to interview those applicants over the next week. Ben has twenty-seven applications. For are returning staff applicants and the rest are applications from CITs last year. He is about half way through with his interviews. So, while we are doing well, we still have a few spots available for more male and female counsellors.

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