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Summer Staff

March 22, 2011 by Kim

Staffing is coming along for Summer Camp 2011. The following people are returning staff who have applied: Karly Falk, David Wiebe, Emilie Jackson, Nikyla Toews, Kayla Kostyniuk, Jillian Dueck, Morgan Braun, Alison Pauls, Adam Friesen, Carli Penner, Mark Unger, Jayelle Friesen, Cullen Klassen, Markus Goertzen, Esther Reimer, Devyn Toews, and Jack Harrison.

 2010 CITs who have applied so far are: Laura Plett, Keenan Reimer, Sarah Pries, Scott Neudorf, Matt Kroeker, Josh Unger, Alyssa Friesen, Janessa Friesen, Darren Kublik, James Harrison, Taylor Friesen, Erika Goertzen, Emily Dirks, and Levi.

 We have also had a couple of new applicants like Sarah Barkman.

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