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Summer Scorcher: Homemade Jam

July 28, 2012 by Kim

What. A. Week.

Summer Scorcher this year is going to go down in history as one of the craziest week’s we’ve ever had here at Red Rock Bible Camp, and I mean that in an entirely good way. If you’ve been keeping up with the blog this week, you will have read about all of the crazy activities that we’ve been doing. The Fresh IE concert. The Beach Party. And probably best of all, the incredible worship night.

It’s very difficult to say goodbye to a week like that, but I think we did it in the best way possible yesterday, by ending the week with having as much fun as our exhausted bodies would let us. Thankfully, we had our annual Homemade Jam sketch show last night to help us out with that.

But before we could get to Homemade Jam, we had to get through the day first. To sympathize with how exhausted a lot of these campers were, we actually allowed them to sleep in yesterday, as we had brunch instead of our early morning breakfast.  With this new found energy, the kids were able to give everything they had into their last day of camp. After our last Chapel of the week on Friday morning, the kids geared up for their final skill times of the week. Here at Red Rock we like to make things a little bit interesting. So why kayak down the water when you can kayak down a slide!

The sports skill are building off the Olympic spirit, and tested out their water polo abilities. They may not have what it takes to make it to London, but I’m sure they have more fun than the Olympians.

Speaking of the Olympics, the camp Olympic sports tournaments came to a conclusion on Friday, with Team 1 winning the basketball tournament, and team 4 winning the volleyball tournament. I know, nobody saw that one coming, an upset for the ages. To celebrate the tournament, we pulled out our homemade podium from Ignite week to give these athletes the recognition they deserve.

What a moment. And speaking of moments, there were plenty of good ones last night during Homemade Jam!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Homemade Jam, it’s a sketch show that the staff put on that has live acts and videos that usually follow some sort of theme or skit. It’s always hilarious, and everyone seems to have a great time. This year, it was a movie theatre theme, where Matt (the movie theatre worker), is stuck with the dilema of the projector not working. When he is about to give everyone a refund, his crazy friend Scott decides that it is his duty to entertain these people. Hilarity ensues.

There were some pretty strange acts this year, which ended up being hilarious. For example, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen decided to grace us with their presence to sing a very confusing song. Apparently when life gets them down, they “whip their hair back and forth”.

Playing off of the 3-D craze we seem to find ourself in, all of the campers were given 3-D glasses to fully enjoy our show. At one point of the show, Matt gave the audience a tidbit of useful information by saying “It’s all a marketing ploy to boost ticket prices.”

Well Matt, if it’s only used as a marketing ploy, how were we all able to see this strange Gator Hunting exhibition in the middle of a movie!?

Yeah, it’s just as strange as it looks. And speaking of strange, when was the last time you saw a choir of recorders, a guitar, a xylophone, and some other strange harmonica sounding instrument I’ve never heard of play their own version of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know? Yeah, that happened too. And yes, it sounded as awful as you’d think.

As funny as Homemade Jam was, it wasn’t all about the laughs. In part two of Homemade, we shifted the focus a little bit as some staff went up to perform a more serious skit, one of our staff members made a video, and some did a couple musical acts as well. At the end of it all, Jamie and the band came up one more time, and we lifted the week to God in yet another chorus of praise. It was a fitting end to a week where we certainly surrendered to God.

I want to thank everyone once again for your prayers and support this week. As amazing as it is, it’s very exhausting for all of our staff, and your prayers have helped us get through it. Please continue to pray for these campers as they go home, and pray that they continue to live for God, and continue to allow Him to feed into their lives.

We have Summer Sizzler next week which should be another amazing week. Also be in prayer for these campers, and that their lives can be changed by the love of Jesus. Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

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