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Summer Sizzler: Here I am to worship

August 3, 2012 by Kim

When you experience the same thing over and over again, there’s a good chance that at some point your going to grow tired of it. Just like at home, school, or at work, the same thing can happen after spending a lot of time here at camp. But one thing that will never get old is seeing the way God works in the lives of campers each and every week. Once again last night, God shows us that the Holy Spirit is alive, and that God didn’t just reveal Himself thousands of years ago, but still does today.

Our Worship Night last night was amazing, as the campers broke down any walls that were stopping them from truly praising God, and praised Him with all they had. It was amazing to see so many people sing praises to God. However, the best part about the night came at the end, when campers were invited to stay back to talk and pray with their counsellors. About half of the campers decided to stay back, and not only were they talking and praying with their counsellors, but they were turning to each other for prayer as well. It was so beautiful to see.

However, Worship Night wasn’t the only highlight of the day, as the campers enjoyed another busy and exciting day at camp. Like I’ve said, the growth we’ve seen has been awesome, but that growth doesn’t happen if these campers don’t trust each other. That’s probably one of the reasons why this cabin decided to do some trust falls during discovery to remind them that they’re all in this together.

We’ve shown you a lot skills and special program activities that we do, but there’s one side of your kids that you haven’t seen here on the blog, or in some cases even at home. Look, evidence that your kids can actually clean! I promise you this isn’t Photoshopped.

We’ve been really blessed with fantastic weather this week even though the threat of a “Severe Thunderstorm Watch” has been looming over us all week. It was another sunny day yesterday, and all the water sports were very happy about that. Don’t you just want to go skimboarding now?

Even the sports skill decided to enjoy the festivities in the water by playing a game of water polo, which was always my favorite part of the week as camper. Waterpolo is awesome. And totally underrated.

Another thing that is awesome is when the water ex skill goes over to Crevice Point to do some rock hopping. The hop isn’t all that high, but it’s always nice to go somewhere where you don’t normally go during the week, and who doesn’t like to go for a nice dip on a hot day.

But even when the campers were off the camp site, the Red Rock Olympic spirit still followed them, as the campers made sure the Olympic medals did not leave their necks – even while rock hopping. This is a sweet picture.

The good things kept on coming yesterday, as the campers were able to recharge by eating some delicious pizza, the best meal that we have hear at camp (and we have some pretty great meals…and this is strictly my opinion and not absolute truth).

Pizza wasn’t the only exciting thing going on at meal time, as brothers Jack and James Harrison received a care package from home. However, we don’t let people get things easy here at Red Rock Bible Camp, so we made them have a brother vs brother pushup competition before they could open their package. I hope it was worth it.

Yesterday was a special day for many reasons. There was pizza, people went rock hopping, it was a nice day, Worship Night was amazing, AND people got to go TUBING during Swim, Boat, and Tuck. Our boatman Stefan announced it at the end of lunch time, and almost instantly half of the camp was in line ready to sign up. They tubed. Kids fell off the tube. Kids smiled.

Ladies and Gentleman, we are mere hours away from finding out who has won the pizza party as the Olympic champions. And the competition heated up yesterday as campers graced the podium for cabin clean up, and for Collectors Choice. The Olympic spirit is everywhere around here, and these champions can’t help but wave to their camp friends and family in attendance. Well deserved my friends. If you want to know who won the cabin party, and what our Olympic closing ceremonies looked like, you’re definitely going to want to check out the blog post tomorrow! Until then, keep us in your prayers, and enjoy the Olympics!

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