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Summer Sizzler: Let the games begin!

July 31, 2012 by Kim

Summer Sizzler is upon us, and it’s already quite clear that it’s going to be a fantastic week. This is a new age group from what we’re used to, as it’s become sort of a teens-junior high hybrid that welcomes campers going into grades 7-10. Even though these kids are a bit older, they still haven’t lost their energy, as they’ve been going non-stop since they got here yesterday morning. I guess we’ll have to see how that holds up come Friday.

Since these kids are a little bit older, a lot of them knew each other, and a fair share knew their counsellors already as well. But for those who didn’t, introductions were in order, and then it was time to head over to their new home for the week. Some kids packed for one week, some kids packed for a month. All kids carried all their luggage.

It’s looking like it’s going to be another beautiful week weather wise here at camp. However, we were definitely a little worried after Sunday night. We had quite the storm over here, and lightning actually struck the road right in front of Pine Lodge. It was intense, and we didn’t have power for many hours during the night. But thankfully when we woke up in the morning, everything was back to normal, and our fans were blowing in our faces to counter the strong heat in the cabins. But a good storm still always leaves us with some work to do, like trying to clean up this massive tree that just missed falling down on Pine Lodge.

And with the weather being so beautiful, the campers enjoyed their first day BBQ outside in the nice sun. This is always a great way to loosen the kids up who are sometimes nervous at the beginning of the week. Getting to know people tends to be tough sometimes, but it’s a lot easier when you’re enjoying some good food.

The campers were also able to get to know each other with the large amounts of cabin time that happens every Monday at camp. During that time, our photographer (who this week is Gloria) walks around to take some cabin pictures. Each week I’ve been picking the nicest or coolest ones, so here I introduce Hickory Haven, and Abe’s Island Bay.

The campers also got the time to get to know some of our full-time staff, like Copper here. Even though he’s only been here for two years, Copper lives and breathes Red Rock, and if we had a Hall of Fame, he’d certainly be making his way up for a nomination. Copper is a real big shot around here.

Speaking of big shots, check out this big teatherball shot. Yeah. Teatherball.

Eventually once all of the formal introductions to the camp were in place, it was time for the campers to participate in their skills. Since it was such a beautiful day, the skimboarders were very happy to be on the beach. The kids actually turned out to be pretty naturally talented at skimboarding, so it’s looking like it’s going to be a great week.

The biking skill began to get all prepped up for a busy week ahead. We have a lot of sweet trails on our beautiful Whiteshell terrain, but before the campers are ready to tackle the tough ones, they needed to get to know their bikes a bit more first. For that they tried their best to complete some of our North Shore trails that we have set up in the ball field.

It was really a day of orientation all round, especially when it came to the Kayaking skill. In order for the Kayakers to be able to hit the lake, they first all needed to get certified, which consists of a trained staff member flipping their Kayak upside down so they know what to do if they ever tip. It can be scary, but once you do it you’re good to go.

We may be a little secluded over here at Red Rock, but we don’t live in a hole. And because we don’t live in a hole, we’re well aware that the Olympics are going on. BUT, did YOU know that the Olympics are going on HERE as well? Well, they are. But unfortunately, someone has stolen the rings, and it’s up to the campers to find them to save the Olympics (and get their cabin points for a pizza party prize at the end of the week.) We’ll be giving out medals all week for clean cabins, good attitude, and people who go above and beyond what’s expected of them.. It’s pretty exciting times. We even had an opening ceremonies yesterday…but the lack of Olympic rings put a damper on it.

We also had our first Chapel session of the week yesterday evening, and we have Kent Martens speaking which is always a pleasure for us and the kids. Kent is a very high energy and engaging speaker who challenges people of all ages in whatever he is talking about. He’s also a great artist, which we’ll have a picture of later on in the week. Please keep Kent in your prayers as he tries to discern what the Holy Spirit has to say to pass on to these kids.

It’s looking like it’s going to be a great week, and we’re all really excited to see what God has in store. Make sure you check back every day for our blog updates, and please keep us in your prayers!

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