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Sweet Video Friday #3 – The Twilight Zone

November 16, 2012 by Kim

Pep talk time…

It’s Friday. You’ve had a long week of school, work, parenting, or whatever else you’re doing with your lives. You need a break. You need a laugh. You need a sweet video.

Red Rock Bible Camp has your back. I know what you’re thinking….”Red Rock Bible Camp…that’s just a summer camp…how are they going to help me on my Friday?”

First of all, the camp is open all year round, so it’s not really just a summer camp.

Secondly, never doubt Red Rock Bible Camp.

Thirdly, you obviously haven’t heard of Sweet Video Fridays!

Speaking of third…ly…it’s our third edition of Sweet Video Friday, and this week we have an episode of the RRBC Twilight Zone, where former Program Director Ben Dueck goes insane. Although, I’m not sure Ben going insane is really all that out of the ordinary…regardless, they still called it the Twilight Zone back in 2007. He was new.

Check it out. It’s funny. There’s a Matt Woelk cameo at the end.


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