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The calm after the storm

August 21, 2013 by Kim Coursey

Last night was pretty spectacular. I saw the clouds and all I wanted to do was take pictures, until I heard Allan calling for the photographers to come back inside. Turns out the radar was purple, and we have never seen a storm at Red Rock that bad before.

DSC_0068 (Medium)

Despite how menacing the storm was, God was still present. He is the one true God who still speaks even when trees are falling and rain is coming down sideways. It was a pretty incredible sight inside Pine lodge. Just after snack we had planned to do a night game outside. Obviously that was cancelled, but what took place instead was way better than what we could have planned for.

The staff immediately took action with a call to pray, and the whole dining hall murmured with prayer praising God for who he is, and asking for protection. Once that was over, the CIT’s without being asked started to lead the camp in song and worship. For an hour we all stood in the dark of the dining hall singing and clapping and praising God. Everyone got into it, and eventually fear was driven out of the lodge. One camper said that this was the best night she had ever had. The night continued with toilet paper games, and the cabins were awarded points for the tallest tower. The points were used for the camp wide game “How to train your Counselor” (more to come on this in another post).

Once the storm had mostly passed, the Maintenance crew turned the power back on to find that only Cedar lodge and Cabin 12 had power! That meant everyone was to go straight to bed after devotions without showers and without flushing…. We appreciate our Maintenance Manager very much, because he worked all night to restore power to the whole camp. Around 2 AM the power was back on in Pine, and by morning water could be used all over camp!



God did indeed answer your prayers and ours, because the damage to camp was extremely minimal. One tree fell on a path, we temporarily lost an umbrella, and the trampoline flipped over. God is so good! All the campers are safe and sound, and we are continuing on with the scheduled events of the week. If you had doubts that God listens, or that he answers prayer, this is a very good reason to believe.

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am with them.” -Jesus (Matthew 18:20)

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