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The Future of the Blog

May 1, 2012 by Kim

Spring has arrived, and with it comes 16 spring staffers ready to serve at RRBC for the next two months. There is a lot of exciting newness going on at camp lately, most of which we will be covered over the next few days. However, today I’m announcing a renewed focus of our social media so that our Red Rock family and all those interested in us, will be able to keep up with what’s really going on here.

My name is Joey Traa, I will be the Program Assistant here at camp for the next four months. As excited as I am for my role in that position, I’m also happy to say I will be managing RRBC’s social media all year long to coincide with my schooling in the Creative Communications program at Red River College.

This will mean multiple blog posts a week about what’s happening at camp, who’s all here, and what we’re all thinking. Through posts from myself, Kim Coursey, current staff, and other camp alumni, we’ll be able to tell stories of what God has done in our lives, and specifically what He’s doing here.

The goal here is to keep everyone informed, and to do it in an enjoyable way. So check back with us all year round on the blog, and please join our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out what’s going on, what you can pray for, and how you can help at Red Rock Bible Camp!

And of course, don’t be afraid to leave comments or contact us if anything you read catches your attention.

God bless,

-Joey Traa


One Response to “The Future of the Blog”

  1. Batman says:

    Have a great summer Joey. Very proud of you.


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