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The Tournament: Round One, Part Two

January 29, 2013 by Kim

It’s been an opening week for the ages as we had some blowouts, a close race, and a rags to riches upset in just the first three days of The Tournament. Believe the hype, people!!

Before we begin, just a quick reminder that all voting for this tournament will be done on our Facebook page. We vote for one matchup a day until we’re all out of matchups. The participant with the most votes moves on to the next round. It’s simple, it’s certainly not stupid, and it’s the most illustrious award we’ve had since the Bible Memory Program.

And before we move on to this week, we need to say congratulations to Homemade Jam, Broomball, and Big Brother Big Sister for moving on to the next round. There’s still a long road to travel, but they’re all one step closer to winning The Tournament. The stakes are high, and the anticipation is even higher, so lets move on to this week.

(4) Kangaroo Court vs (13) Ice Skating

I’m going to go on record to say that this may be the most interesting matchup of the first round. Kangaroo Court was quite popular during the pre-tournament ranking process, but in a matchup like this, it really seems like its high seed could be due to some staff-bias voting. For those of you who don’t know, Kangaroo Court is when a staff member breaks a “rule” at camp, and Kim dresses up like a judge and sentences the staff member to doing or wearing something inconvenient to make up for rule he/she broke. It’s always hilarious – the staff love it, and the campers have no idea what they just saw. For that reason, Kangaroo Court might have a hard time keeping up in this first round matchup.

Ice skating is exactly as advertised. There really isn’t a fun twist, or any special way we do it camp (other than sloppily). It’s just another thing to do at camp in the winter time, and certainly one of my personal favorites.

Even Vegas is having difficultly making odds for this one, so vote at your own risk and remember: anything can happen in The Tournament.

(6) Cinnamon Buns vs (11) BBQ

It’s a traditional all-food matchup as the sixth seed tries to knock off eleven in the second week of The Tournament. At first glance, you gotta think that the Cinnamon Buns are going to take this one with its icing-filled eyes closed, but there’s a lot more that goes into a matchup like this.

As tasty as Cinnamon Buns are, they don’t quite carry the emotional weight as the BBQ. The BBQ can mean two things that appeal to two different audiences. If we’re talking first-day BBQ, then what better joy is there than the start of a week at camp? Every kid loves going to camp, and voting for BBQ could mean voting for the feeling of camp during this bitterly cold winter. But what about the Parents Program BBQ? That means the end of camp – don’t kids hate the end of camp!? Perhaps – but you know who loves the end of camp? The parents who desperately miss their kids – and sorry young ones, there are a whole lot of parents who are on this Facebook page.

Sure, it’s the battle of the foods. But it’s also very much kids vs adults – and we know who usually wins that battle…or do we?

(3) Chapel vs (14) Announcements

If this isn’t the most awkward matchup of the tournament, then I don’t know what is.

First of all, who is going to vote against Chapel? I think we’re all going to need some justification in the comments section for anyone who does. And for those of you wanting to be on staff next summer…Kim is always watching.

Secondly… announcements? For whatever reason, the powers that be in the pre-tournament ranking committee (yeah, it’s definitely a committee now), think that announcements are enjoyable and funny (cough, cough…I heard that Joey Traa guy’s pretty good…cough, cough).

When it comes to this wild 3 vs 14 matchup, it’s weird, it’s awkward, it’s confusing…but just remember, folks…

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