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Things Happening at Camp Last Week

April 20, 2010 by Kim

1) Full Time Staff Events: We have been loving the warm weather! We’ve had a wiener roast, made hobbos, and played outside a lot last week. How amazing has this spring been so far?!

But as amazing as the weather has been, when we wanted to go swimming together for a full time staff event, we headed to Pinewood, because the lake is still pretty chilly.

2)The rink boards came down this week! When has that ever happened in the middle of April? Usually it happens the first week of May, when the snow is finally gone. It feels great for that to be cleaned up, and we’re ready to go for spring

3) Andrew and Amanda Rempel came out to visit this weekend, and Andrew was the first lucky person to ski this year…behind the new boat!

Natalie got to see her daddy ski. (Actually, I don’t know if she noticed him. But she really seemed to like her boat ride!)

Oh, we did!

4) Steve, Joel and Heidi also came out this weekend, and Joel finally got to ski. Eric went, also, and Steve took some pretty amazing pictures. He also graciously posed while Ben took some gangsta shots, but unfortunately, I can’t share those prize winners with you, because our computer crashed as I was trying to upload pictures onto the blog. I’m not even kidding. Steve will probably think that’s just a lame excuse…but Ben was able to retrieve our pictures, so I might share a few more some other time.

In the meantime, I’ll just say that this last week was pretty fantastic, we are loving spring, the boat, the lake, the sun, and all of you should be wishing you’re here. And the spring staff WILL be here in less than 2 weeks!!

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