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Things Happening at Camp These Last 2 Weeks

May 1, 2010 by Kim

1) Child Labor – The kids discovered the water hose, and developed a new passion for cleaning vehicles. We were just starting to entertain ideas of putting them to work this summer and charging the summer staff to have their cars washed, when Ben realized that a bit more supervision was needed to keep the gravel out of the wet rags the kids were using to scrub.

2) School Presentations – In the off season, Ben ends up doing a bunch of school presentations, which involve going to the different schools that will be sending students to camp for Outdoor Education. He meets with the parents to tell them about Red Rock, and answers theirs questions. We’ve been heading into the city as a family for these trips, and even joined him in Selkirk for a presentation. I snuck in with the girls to listen to Ben’s presentation from the hallway for a little bit (it’s always fun to listen to someone’s “public speaking voice”), but Anika thought the school play structure would be a lot more fun.

3) Spring! We have been loving the beautiful weather! April has been so amazing, I feel myself finally recovering from last summer. (Lack of summer??) Love being outside. It is challenging to keep Kaylia from eating grass and leaves, though.

Krystal has managed to figure out a way to get all of the kids (except Kaylia) onto their little swing set at the same time. It’s quite a wild sight to behold. Everyone needs to swing very straight, or else there will be trouble.

The leaves are coming out and looking beautiful! I love how bright, fresh, GREEN everything is this time of year. I have decided that spring is my favorite season, partly because of the green, but also because it’s such an exciting season – everything is new and changing, and we have the whole summer before us.

And tomorrow the Spring Staff arrive! I’ve been looking forward to this since…about the middle of September! (I need a week or two to recover from the craziness of summer, and then I’m ready to do it all over again!) Can’t wait until they get here! We’ll keep you updated on all the fun happenings of our first week of spring.

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  1. kimcoursey says:

    Nice pictures and cute kids?

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