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Things Happening at Camp These Last Two Weeks

October 24, 2010 by Kim

1) Merv Voth came back!

He brought a school group from Pinawa with him. And somehow, camp just seems more complete when Merv is around. His laugh will always be part of “camp” to me, and when he’s here laughing, everything seems right in the world.

2) Another play house is going up.

Eric and Krystal are the busy ones this time, and soon, Aidan and Quianna will have their very own little house. Ben and I have been wondering if we should give in to peer pressure and build one for Anika, but we’ve decided that it’s far too much work, when she can just mooch off the other kids.

3) Crevice dock was brought in.

And I sent the camera along with Ben and everything, but he was so busy getting the dock in with Jack that he forgot to take any pictures.

4) Tiki is getting the boot.

Based on her anti-social behavior, she is being fired from her job as camp dog. So next time you come to camp, you won’t be seeing her around – oh wait, that’s not much different from the way things were when she was around…

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