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Things Happening at Camp This Week

September 10, 2010 by Kim

1) Family Camp!

It was a beautiful, enjoyable weekend. It looked as though all the different families that were here had a great time.

2) The dock was brought in, and Ben wore Kara’s pants??

This happens on the last day of Family Camp every year – the dock being brought in, not Ben wearing Kara’s pants. He didn’t really wear them, but when he put on his full-body wet suit, and then put a jacket on over it, it really made it look like he was wearing a tight pair of black pants. I happened to look out the kitchen window as he was throwing some garbage into the cage, and from the back, he looked like Kara, with short hair. Kara looks great in her black pants. Ben…not so much. There’s a reason why guys don’t wear pants like that.

Anyway, the dock is in, and now it feels like it’s really fall.

3) Jack and Devyn started their first week of work.

They’ve been here all summer, but this was their first week of work in their new positions. They’ll be helping out in all the different departments this winter – kitchen, maintenance, and program, depending on which department is needing help.

4) Aidan’s Birthday!

He turned 5, and everybody had cupcakes. Gluten-free!

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