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Things Happening at Camp This Week

September 25, 2010 by Kim

1) Joey, Victoria and Eles came to help out in the kitchen last weekend.

Eles was the 2008 CIT heartthrob, for those of you who were around that summer.

Joey and Victoria seemed to have a great weekend. They discovered that a weekend working in the kitchen here is better than any cheap date idea that’s out there …because you get paid here! How many camp couples are there out there who would like to get paid to spend time together, at camp?! Pretty much, it’s a romantic getaway. Contact Matt for more information. He’s taking reservations for weekends this fall.

2) Red Rock’s Thanksgiving for the Summer Banquet happened on Tuesday.

It was a very nice banquet. The food was great, and from my extremely biased opinion, I found Ben highly entertaining as he dealt with all the technical difficulties up at the front.

3) MCI was out this week, and SBC is here this weekend.

It’s the week for groups with initials, apparently…

4) Fall is looking better than ever out here!

Here’s some pictures to enjoy for all of you who wish you were here, but can’t be right now:

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