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Things Happening at Camp This Week

March 4, 2010 by Kim

1) Eric and Krystal moved in! The amount of work that they were able to accomplish in a weekend was pretty amazing – they got most of the duplex painted and moved all of their stuff in on Saturday and Sunday, and Eric started work on Monday.

2) The kids are having a great time playing together. (Apparently, when Trevor and Terra-Lee’s baby is born, we will reach the record number of kids living at camp.)

3) We have been enjoying the weather! That sounds kind of boring, because people comment on the weather when they have nothing else to say. But when I mention the weather, it’s because it is TRULY amazing and worth mentioning. It has been beautiful outside! It feels like spring is just ready to come. But Terra-Lee’s still hoping for a big snowstorm! She’s feeling like she didn’t REALLY get winter yet. I’m just fine with things the way they are! But we’re heading to Florida next week, so it can snowstorm all it wants here then!

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