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Things Happening at Camp This Week

May 21, 2010 by Kim

1) Spending time outside!

It’s been so amazingly beautiful! We’ve spent time in the pool…

And at the beach…

Judging by the kitchen staff’s tans, you would think it was August instead of May.

2) Toning.

Kelly and Kara are intensely dedicated to working out every day, so I’ve joined them a couple of times for some “Turbo Jam.” I’m not accustomed to being called “Baby Doll,” but if I continue to join in for their work-out video, I think I will get used to all kinds of new things…


One of the big projects in the maintenance department this week was landscaping the backyard of the duplex. This is a picture Mike and Joey weeding the top soil pile.

And this is a picture of our backyard in progress.

And this is a picture of our new yard, a few hours later:

4) Getting to know Tiki.

The first week with our new camp dog seems to have gone really well. Everyone likes her, especially the kids.

The spring staff (Joey) insist on calling her Dr. Terrance Female Bourjois (or something like that), but I don’t think it’s going over super well.

5) Just enjoying normal spring staff life.

The groups are here every day now, and everybody’s busy doing what we do during spring staff.

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