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Things Happening at Camp This Week

February 26, 2010 by Kim

This has been a really busy week at camp – lots going on, and lots of changes coming our way. I’m so used to taking pictures of everything to put on the blog, that I figured I would keep going, and let you see what we’ve been up to:

1) Lacey’s Going Away Party

Lacey is leaving camp this weekend, and we are all so terribly sad to see her go. We had a great party on Wednesday – Matt’s amazing steak, along with a bunch of other very yummy food, and games after. We will miss Lacey so very much!

2) Fruit Basket Upset

We have a new Assistant Maintenance Manager arriving – Eric, Krystal, Aidan and Quianna are moving into the duplex this weekend.

2 Responses to “Things Happening at Camp This Week”

  1. Joey says:

    Ben, I’m very happy for you, being able to watch the hockey. I look forward to discussing the future results of the olympic tournament when I see you next. mmmmm….

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