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Vlog 3 Part 2 Wilsons

June 11, 2010 by Kim

So this one was a little bit harder to film.  It was kind of hard to film because I was trying to avoid Trevor so this could be a surprise for him as well.  How do you make something a surprise for someone who is in every single place at camp all the time?

3 Responses to “Vlog 3 Part 2 Wilsons”

  1. Terra-Lee and kids says:

    Uhhhhhh, thanks so much everyone!! It brought tears to my eyes and silent laughter to my belly (which is still full with baby at the moment). I was curious about the reference to my batch of children…..and future considerations. Not to mention cookies supplemented with lemon. I will implement that ingredient in my next cookies for you all as your inheritence of our relationship in this fiscal year. You guys are great and I really miss being at home!! Hope to see you all soon!! Thanks for brightening my day with sunshine that is lacking in the sky!!

  2. redrockcamp says:

    I have a high quality version on the camp Mac if you want it.

    But ya, it was quite a bit of fun to put together. Thanks to Ben for the idea.

  3. Terra-Lee and kids says:

    Thank you Ben!!!

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