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Week Six: Work Hard, Play Hard

June 9, 2012 by Kim

Here at Red Rock Bible Camp, we do two things: We work hard, and we play hard. The week leading up to Cyclathon, we worked hard.

The program staff were making sure we were ready to put on the best weekend program the camp has ever seen. The maintenance staff were making sure they maintained the camp better than it’s ever been maintained bfore. And the kitchen staff were trying to figure out how on earth they were going to get to the back of the fridge without being trapped for eternity behind all that food.

The kitchen staff are great. Look at all those smiles. Unfortunately for us, they are actually too great, and I can only imagine that their artistic talents will take them away from us to Paris or something once someone discovers their talents on this blog. What other camp will give you this kind of presentation for your fruit?




Back to the work hard, play hard slogan, we did work really hard,  and Cyclathon went extremely well (SPOILER ALERT: I blogged about it). Which means that it was time to play hard. Our fearless leader Allan took us all out for the best combination of food possible: Pizza and ice cream!

Big shout out to our fake blog post sponsor Brereton Lake Resort for the best pizza in the world, and a kiddie size ice cream fit for a 300 pound lumberjack. The excessive amount of ice cream is especially good for people like Shaya, who end up with half of the portion sitting on their face.

Those were the days. Having food all over your face but not having a care in the world. Imagine what it would look like if adults still did that. It would look ridiculous.

As you can see, Erik is still in full out “I don’t live with my parents right now, I can do whatever I want” mode. But you have to give the man credit, despite his…goofiness, he’s one of the hardest workers I know. While everyone was enjoying their ice cream, Erik was busy working on the railroad, all the livelong day.

Best part about that is he still has ice cream on his face.

After the ice cream and pizza, it was off to the Froese family cabin for some good times and relaxation. Turns out they have a massive dock to jump off of into the lake so needless to say, jumping occurred.

For whatever reason, everyone was really nervous about jumping off this dock. So much so that we had to visualize before we jumped to test out the playing field.

I’m not sure at what point since living out we all lost our minds, but it happened.

The idea here was to practice our form. Adam seems to be gearing himself up for some immediate front crawl as he hits the water, and it’s clear that Mike never took swimming lessons to learn how to dive.

Miraculously, the end result was safe and enjoyable, and provided quite the cool picture. Practice makes perfect.

That first jump broke the ice for several more breathtaking manoeuvres. For example, Erik tried a front flip!

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Wow! Erik did a front flip and still had that much time to land?” Well, no. He announced this as a front flip, but he ended up just freezing and landing on his backside. In his defense, he probably still had brain-freeze from the ice cream.

To ensure Erik’s safety, I had to make sure I held his hand through the whole jumping process the next time around. I’m a good friend like that.

At some point during our jumping festivities, the girls got a hold of my camera. Sarah (the photographer) got some really good action shots, but then she did the inevitable by taking some of the classic girl poses that I vowed would never end up on this blog. But then I realized, hey, the public should be able to see more than just pictures of Daniel Rempel’s mullet on here. So here are a couple cute pictures of the lovely ladies on staff.

This is a sweet range of expressions. Jayelle is just smiling, Diana is looking into the camera’s soul, and Cloe is just incredibly photogenic.

Yeji needed to get in to some of this sweet photo action. Peace.

If anyone ever asks you to define friendship, give them the link to this blog because these two right here are precious friends.

You’re probably wondering what happens when you try to get guys to pose for the camera? You get this mess. And you get one sad Adam.

Despite the jumping adventures, we did get some time to relax as the sun went down. This may have been one of the first moments of silence we’ve had all spring. Sometimes when it comes to unity, there are no words.

The only way to get these guys to sit down to read is if you give them character bio’s from The Lord of the Rings. I also love how Karl’s concentration face keeps coming up in these blog posts. Awesome.

We seem to be falling in to one big happy family over here lately, and that’s awesome to see. God can do some amazing work through people who are on the same page, and something to pray for would be the continued unity of our spring staff.

And with the summer approaching, we’re going to be expecting a brand new flock of summer staff ready to serve God through our ministry. However, we are still short some staff members, so we would like you to pray for those who may be on the fence about their summer plans, and that God can put RRBC on some potential staff members hearts.

You could also pray for God to prepare the hearts of those who are already signed up and are ready to go. As much fun as it is, working at camp is a difficult and vital task. Some kids lives are changed entirely for the better here, and a big part of that is because of staff members being in tuned with the Holy Spirit.

That’s it for this week. As always, check out our Facebook and Twitter for more camp updates, and stay tuned on the blog for staff profiles, devotionals, and more weekly updates!


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