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Getting to Know…Yeji Ha

June 18, 2012 by Kim

It seems like every summer, Red Rock Bible Camp attracts staff members from all over world. For as long as I’ve been going to camp, we’ve had people work here from all across Manitoba, people from Germany and Paraguay and all sorts of other places. But this year, in what I think is a Red Rock first, we have a staff member from South Korea, and her name is Yeji Ha.


Yeji arrived in Canada in January of this year for the purpose of learning English, and experiencing the culture and people in this country. To do this, Yeji enrolled at Providence University College, where she intends on staying to finish her degree. With no summer plans, Yeji was told about Red Rock, and boldly made the trip over to work in the kitchen for the spring and summer. And what a joy that has been for all of us.


Yeji is one of the nicest, most likeable people you will ever meet. Whether she’s saying hello to you in the hallway, learning how to swim, or making a Korean meal for the entire staff, Yeji radiates with joy wherever she goes, and her love for God is always quite evident.


Yeji quotes 2 Corinthians 9:8 when explaining how God has worked in her this year both at Providence and Red Rock.


“God makes all grace abound to me so that I’ve been given all that I need,” says Yeji. “God comforts me through people and nature, and everything that happens to me here helps me build up my faith, spend time with God, and get to know Him more.”


It’s quite clear that although Yeji is putting in a lot of time learning English, she continues to take time to spend in Scripture. Red Rock is one of the best places to dig into God’s Word, because of the beauty that surrounds us here. Yeji tends to agree even after spending just a short time here so far.


“I love the landscape around camp,” she says. “It makes me relaxed and happy, and while looking at this beautiful nature I can imagine how great our God is. I usually read my Bible outside in my free time, and it is my favorite thing to do at camp.”


As much joy as Yeji brings, it’s never going to be easy for anyone to be away from their friends and family for so long. Yeji is no exception to this.


“Living in Canada apart from my family, friends, and country can be strange sometimes,” she says. “However, I’m convinced that God has called me to Canada, and has plans for me in the path of righteousness for his name sake, so I’m learning how to depend on God with my faith.”


Please pray for Yeji to have continuous faith in God’s plan for her, and also for her to gain confidence in her English throughout the summer. Having Yeji on staff is a true blessing, and if you come by Red Rock this spring or summer, I encourage you to introduce yourself to her – you definitely won’t regret it.

One Response to “Getting to Know…Yeji Ha”

  1. Kim Coursey says:

    Thanks Yeji! It was good to see you today. I’m glad you like it at Red Rock. I find it to be my favorite place to connect with God.


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