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RyouRube…uh…Red Rock has a YouTube channel!

October 25, 2012 by Kim

After putting up a new photo album on our Facebook page of pictures from the summer, it became clear that this week is a week of Red Rock reminiscing.

Well ladies and gentleman, let the reminiscing continue, as we have a YouTube channel and there are a whole lot of videos on it!

We have uploaded every highlight video since 2003 up until 2010 on to the channel, and they are all available for your nostalgic viewing pleasure. So if you, your kids, or someone else you know has been to camp in the last eight years, then you should definitely check out the highlight videos to see if you can spot them. They are also good videos, and you get a first hand look at how technology has changed over the past eight years. So if anything, it’s scientific? I don’t know. YouTube is trendy? Just check it out.

ALSO, the launch of the YouTube channel also means the launch of Sweet Video Friday, otherwise known across the globe as SVF. Basically, every Friday I will release a special “Sweet Video” which will be something funny like an old Homemade Jam video, or something along those lines. So make sure you check the blog every Friday to see what kind of hilarity will ensue next. If you’re a RRBC staff alumni, no one is safe. Anything you may have done during Homemade Jam can and will come back to haunt you. Witness the spectacle every Friday on the Red Rock Blog.

Until then, enjoy what we already have! I’ll even attach a video below to make things even easier for you.

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