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You are invited to explore and discover the adventure Red Rock Bible Camp has to offer to people of all ages during every season of the year in the picturesque, Whiteshell Provincial Park. Our programs have something special to offer you every season of the year. Our programs include:

Eight weeks of Summer Camp for children and youth.

Outdoor Education for School Groups

Red Rock Bible Camp Retreats for Students, Young Adults and Families

Retreat Rentals for Christian Churches and Christian Organizations.

We are currently hiring Head Cook,  Seasonal Staff and Assistant Camp Manager, click the image for more details


Red Rock Bible Camp is a Christian Camp and is a member of Christian Camping International Canada, and an accredited member of the Manitoba Camping Association. We are making and growing disciples of Christ through Christian camping.

For more information, contact our Office Manager at 204-326-9784 or by email at rrbc@redrockbiblecamp.com


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