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Would you like to be a part of a dynamic staff team that is changing our world one life at a time by making and growing disciples of Christ through Christian camping? Would you like to build some lasting friendships with other committed Christians? If so, maybe God is calling you to be on staff at Red Rock Bible Camp.



  • PROGRAM ASSISTANT April 30 to August 25: Teach Skills in Spring, Develop the summer camp program, assist in all areas of the camp program.

  • WATERFRONT DIRECTOR April 30 to August 25: Skills instructor & Lifeguard for Outdoor Education (May-June). Direct all waterfront programs (July-August).

  • ASSISTANT COOK April 30 to August 25: Assist in food preparation and direction of kitchen helpers under the direction of the Food Services Manager and Head Cook.

  • INTEGRATION COORDINATOR April 30 to August 25: Assist the Office Manager in accepting special needs campers (involves visitation as well as office work) in spring. Assist counselors in integrating special needs campers into the regular summer camp program.

  • MAINTENANCE CREW LEADER April 30 to August 25 Supervise a maintenance crew for custodial duties, painting and other small projects.


  • SPRING STAFF April 30 to June 26: Assignments include Program Specialist, Kitchen Staff, or Maintenance Staff. Staff are rotated through these positions based on interests and training. Spring Staff may apply for a summer staff position for July and August to make up a four month position.

  • SENIOR COUNSELOR AND JUNIOR COUNSELOR INSTRUCTOR July 2 – August 25: Counseling a cabin of 8 campers together with a Junior Counselor or Co-counselor. Instructor or assistant instructor in a skill area.

  • ONE MALE AND ONE FEMALE HEAD COUNSELOR July 2 – August 25 Give leadership, direction and encouragement to the counselors and assist in program department tasks.

  • JUNIOR COUNSELOR / INSTRUCTOR July 2 to August 25: Assist Senior counselor in counseling a cabin of 8 campers. Instructor or assistant instructor in a skill area.

  • LIFEGUARD July 2 to August 25: Assist Waterfront Director in all waterfront programs and Life guarding during swim times.

  • KITCHEN STAFF July 2 to August 25: Help in food preparation and service, supervise after meal clean up.

  • MAINTENANCE STAFF July 2 to August 25: Assist Maintenance Director and assistant in jobs as assigned.

  • BOATMAN/WOMAN July 2 to August 25: Drive the ski boat, instruct water skiing & wake boarding, fuel and maintain boats.

  • MOUNTAIN BIKE INSTRUCTOR July 2 to August 25: Teach mountain biking skill and maintain bikes and other program equipment as required.

  • CAMP NURSE July 2 to August 25: Responsible for the general health and safety of the staff and campers. One or two week positions are available.

  • VIDEOGRAPHER July 2 to August 25: Shoot, edit and produce Highlight videos of the summer camp program

  • PHOTOGRAPHER July 2 to August 25: Take pictures during each camp session and manage the camp’s social media.


    Financial Information

    Please take note that your total MAXIMUM earnings cap for your service at camp, derived from all sources (salary, bursary, and CFAD) is $400-500 per week depending on first time or returning staff and number of weeks serving at camp. Keep in mind that these financial options are here to create the possibility of a reasonal income, and that your room and board are already provided for you at no charge in addition to the amount received.


    The purpose of the CFAD program is to create the possibility of raising a reasonable income for summer staff by way of donations.

    Who is eligible to solicit funds?

    ALL staff members – who are age 17 and over, or who have completed Grade 11

      • who have been accepted for at least 4 weeks of service at Red Rock (excluding Staff Camp)


      • who have submitted a CFAD application


      • who have signed and submitted a Staff Understanding with Red Rock Bible Camp,


      • and who submit their Social Insurance Number.


    All donors receive a tax deductible receipt for the total amount they give, however 10% of the amount donated is held by the camp to cover administrative costs, and then standard government payroll deductions are taken off the remaining 90%.

    Further information for the CFAD Program will be provided upon your acceptance as a staff member.

    *All donations raised MUST be received at the Steinbach office BEFORE the last day of summer camp in order for you to receive the support. Any CFAD donations received later will go to our camp’s general operating fund.

    CFAD cheques will be issued September 8.


    Although camp funds are limited, there are provision for staff members who plan to attend post-secondary education full time, immediately following summer camp. The funds for the bursary are raised by the camp through donation.

    Who is eligible for receiving a Camp Bursary?

    Any staff member who

      • has been accepted for at least 4 weeks of service at Red Rock Bible Camp (excluding Staff Camp)


      • who has submitted a Camp Bursary application


      • who has signed and submitted a Staff Understanding with Red Rock Bible Camp


      • Who submits their Social Insurance Number


      • Who attended university or college for two complete semesters immediately following summer camp.


    Failure to attend will void the bursary. Exceptions may be made for staff who are paying for past post-secondary school debt.

    The bursary is $75.00 per week of service for the first year staff (those who have not received a bursary before) and $100 per week for staff who have received a Red Rock Bursary in a previous year.

    For staff who serve for all eight weeks of summer camp, we will add $25.00 per week to the bursary.

    Bursary cheques will be issued July 1 for Spring Staff and September 8 for Summer Staff


To apply for a staff position for summer camp 2018, click below.

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