Barn (craft shop) Raising

We are in need of skilled carpenters on the weekend of May 27-29 to put up a new craft shop! The plan is to finish in one weekend. The current craftbike shop has been almost completely it’s transformed into a lounge/dorm for our discipleship program, Pursuit,...

365 Things I Love About Camp

#278. We love going to visit Daddy at work! Living where you work can have a few disadvantages, like not being able to get away from work very easily. But we really love all the advantages

365 Things I Love About Camp #108

#108. I love getting to know the Spring Staff like…Dave! One of the best things about Dave is that he can say the most ordinary thing, but the way in which he says it makes it the funniest thing you’ve heard all day. (He’s also very good at saying...

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